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Female Agent is the shit!  Don’t believe me?  Watch this quick testimonial so you know it is the real deal:

Testimonial on Female Agent:

Here is some insight in to how sex is made memorable on the casting couch by the female agents:

There is a night in which everything is produced to order, with mutual passion, each touch on the seventh heaven. But after some time many still have to study all the partners preferences to sexual life which can be difficult the first time one has sex.

Few people are aware that there are universal tools and techniques that will make regular normal sex simply unforgettable. We decided to find out what techniques can help you succeed in bed and turn the most ordinary encounter in to a video taped casting casting couch scene by one of the famous Female Agents!

Good sex is rarely without words!  Although when it is, it is animalistic!  The most important thing during sex is to overcome restraint and do so with communication so everyone knows what is cool and what isn’t without ruining the scene.

A good sex is not dumb. Neither body language, or proximity can not substitute words. If you hesitate to talk during sex, you try to teach to talk to itself. Say a loud and clear that love you, that excites you and what you want from your partner. Men like to hear from his partner this kind of explosive words. But do not do morning for a cup of coffee or after classes love. To have your wishes and a prelude to what is their wish. But do not use such talk as “manual”. The desire to welcome only if it is not necessarily enforceable.

Hot whisper. What man can resist the hot passionate? For example: “Fine feel your hands, I would like to feel them everywhere, and here, too …”.
This gives a guarantee that the next time the partner already knew exactly how to bring you pleasure. You can be sure that he loves you, and you love him. And not necessarily that express normal words, you can add a little caress even in the declaration of love during the prelude.
If it does during the sessions love you used to be silent and listen to creak bed, try to encourage your partner to the conversation. Let him say that he likes, what he wants. Then you’ll know exactly what bringing him.
Also during sex, do not forget to ask, like whether your partner what you are doing. If he wants something to correct, do not hesitate, it does not mean that you have to do something wrong. Of course, you can refuse to execute any particularly shocking your desires for your partner. If a totally new posture you feel uncomfortable and even strange, it should not suffer for his pleasure. Then you’ll have yourself together on this uncomfortable position to laugh.  There are even special audio, learning the art of daring hot interviews during sex.

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